What if you…..
Allowed yourself to be happy
Started a new workout routine
Told someone you appreciate them
Were true to yourself
Started eating healthier
Saved more money
Let someone go ahead of you in line
Were a better listener
Treated yourself
Were more responsible
Forgave someone who wronged you
Kept your promise
Said no
Were less judgmental
Loss your freedom
Helped the homeless
Volunteered your time
Tried harder
Fought for a cause
Were less stressed
Said yes
Followed your dreams
Prayed for forgiveness
Played more
Challenged yourself
Forgave yourself
Were more confident
Showed up
Were selfless
What if you were the solution?

What if…. How would your life be different?

Live life with no regrets



The ‘N” word! Are you afraid to use it?

If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking. Yes. You should be afraid to use that word. But the word I’m talking about is “NO”.

Why is “NO” so difficult for some people to use? Is it that you’re afraid of letting someone down? You don’t want to hurt the other persons feelings? You think saying no is gonna take you out the running for that long-awaited promotion, or you think others like you more when you say yes.

Here’s the thing. When you’re always the yes person, people really don’t respect you. They call on you when everyone else has told them NO! or HELL NO!

Learning to say “NO” takes confidence in who you are and what you stand for. Now, I’m not saying, you should never say yes, but don’t just say “YES” because you think that’s what others want to hear. There is power in saying “NO”

When you should say NO:

> If your plate is full, don’t try to squeeze in something else.
> If you’re unsure of whats being asked of you.
> If it jeopardize your safety.
>If you’re trying not to hurt someones feelings.
>If you just don’t want to do it.
> If it goes against what you believe in.

Live Life With No Regrets
Love yourself


Over the weekend I had the pleasure to attend my first GodChicks gathering with two wonderful women.image

It was great experience to be in a room full of women with the same agenda, inspiring to be uplifts and to fill a sense of empowerment.

The Vision of GodChicks
• to inspire, encourage & challenge women to understand their value
• to help women begin, grow and deepen their relationship with God
• to empower women to make a difference on the planet, and
• to have fun on this journey called life!
Who could ask for more. Well there is more to come.  If you didn’t have the pleasure to attend Friday nights gathering, there is a conference coming up in June 2015. image

Go to www,godchicksconference.com for more information.