What if you…..
Allowed yourself to be happy
Started a new workout routine
Told someone you appreciate them
Were true to yourself
Started eating healthier
Saved more money
Let someone go ahead of you in line
Were a better listener
Treated yourself
Were more responsible
Forgave someone who wronged you
Kept your promise
Said no
Were less judgmental
Loss your freedom
Helped the homeless
Volunteered your time
Tried harder
Fought for a cause
Were less stressed
Said yes
Followed your dreams
Prayed for forgiveness
Played more
Challenged yourself
Forgave yourself
Were more confident
Showed up
Were selfless
What if you were the solution?

What if…. How would your life be different?

Live life with no regrets


Just Today!

Just Today

Just today I realized that today is all I need. Today doesn’t look like yesterday nor will it feel like tomorrow.
Have you ever sat in the moment and convinced yourself that yesterday was the worst day of your life, or vowed that tomorrow will be the day where everything will get better? Don’t waste Today trying to forget about yesterday or how you will defeat tomorrow. Appreciate today for its existence.
Live life with no regrets. Just today.


What’s Your Next Chapter?

Oh how times flies when you make new years resolution that you can’t stick to. I can’t believe it’s already February, and i have yet to start my yoga class as i had planned, not a resolution but a new chapter in my life. Ok. Chapter one didn’t work out. So, are you just going to give up? You can always rewrite a chapter, or, you can simply flip the page and start a new chapter. I realize that, breaking my life up into chapters, makes it an easier read for me. I like the idea of knowing whats coming next.

When writing your story, be it a fairy tale or novel, each chapter would represent one month. So you would end up with 12 chapters. If you’re a really great author, you might write your book in one or two settings. However. if your like me, you’ll write a few chapters at a time, as not to get overwhelmed, going back to jot down notes as it come to you. Remember, this is your story and you should write it as you see fit for you. Not all of us will be successful author the first time around. It takes practice to organize what works best in what chapter and to live out that chapter.

If you are one of the millions who did set a new years resolution, and it didn’t jump off as you had expected. No worries 😱. Pull out a pen and a pad and start writing your next chapter. What would your chapter be titled?

Strive to be successful, it looks good on you.

` Live life with no regrets.


I recently read an article in O magazine the other day,
titled Have You Made Peace With Your Past? It stuck in the back of my mind for a couple of days.image

It made me think. Is there something in my past that I’m holding on to? Or, has my past shaped me into who I am today? I would say, a little of both. There are things in my past that I didn’t want to let go of, because those memories have brought me joy when I was down, after reading the article, I think it’s time I let go and create new memories.

There are also things in my past that were not so wonderful, but those things have shaped me into who I am today, an educator. a mentor, a health coach, mother and wife.

The gist of the article was, our past changes when our perception changes. Our perception can determine how we view different situations or how we deal with others. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just how we operate as humans. Think about an incident that happened in your past. Now, think about how you handled that situation.

What is your perception of your past?
Is it holding you back or pushing you forward?.
Reflecting back on your past, what would your present-self say to your past-self?

Whether your living in the past, or have fast forward to the future, your perception has meaning to your present state. You can choose to look at each situation for what it is, or what it could be.
As always, live life with no regrets. It’s time to release yourself from your past. Find solace and create greatness in your future. You only have one life, live it to the fullest.