If your body could talk, what would it say????
Our body speaks to us everyday, It has a way of letting us know when something is wrong but most of don’t listen. For many years my body was screaming at me with a blow horn, but I ignored it. Back in the day my body was telling me I’m falling apart. I’m itchy, my bones hurt. I can’t carry you anymore. I give up.

Today I have a pretty good relationship with my body. It’s saying, thank you for being so kind to me and following Gods plan. Your treating me like the Queen I am. I love how you work me out and nourish me with all those wonderful fruits and vegetables, but I still have a few complaints. I need a few more hours of sleep and I need a vacation. I thought we were gonna start doing yoga. I need to stretch more, please!!!!

Two months ago I asked a few friends and family what their body was saying to them, and this is what they said. ( with no filter):
“Keep stretching me!”

“I’m 44 but i feel like I’m 25!”

“You’re making me waste away, lazy!!”

“I have to pee, why are you holding it? is typing this last sentence that important?”(mom to be)

“lol.. really.. lol.. right now it would say… I’m tired, need sleep but thank God for grace when I’m weak!”

“Thank you for deciding to give me some attention. I have served you well for many years but I need a little maintenance. I appreciate the fact that you have decided to put me first in your life. All I need is a little TLC and I will keep going strong for you for many years. We are a great team together but I just need you to listen to me and focus on my needs. I will work a lot better for you if you feed me well, give me moderate exercise and try to let me sleep at least 8 hours a night. I love you powerful woman. Make me wonderful baby!”

“If u want me to continue running at this optimal level, make sure to stop and thank me with a power nap on a Saturday or Sunday. I sure do enjoy those every once in a while. I also really like it when you take the time to praise me for all the hard work I’ve gotten you through, instead of the little comments that I hear when get frustrated with me when your over indulge. I love you & I know you love me. I just need to hear it a little more and  I promise I wont let you down. we’ll get through anything TOGETHER!”

“Thank you for starting the year off right by setting goals to get me FIT!!!!”

“Help…. cant seem to get started with working out or eating healthier…. I’m tired”
“On the inside I feel like Jessica Rabbit but don’t always look it. So in essence my inside is saying “Help” & my outside is saying I’m tryin!”

“My body would say that it is working too much and not resting enough. It would also say that it would like to dance all day long or take me to the gym more.”

It would say. “The older I get the more maintenance I need…”

“I just want to say its been a honor being in your body for the last 21 years. You have taken really good care of me . I like that you always stay active in sports and remember that im still young and i still have much development to Do. I have lots in store for us. Continue to eat healthy and stay active, remember that rest is just as important as well, And also I like ice cream so its okay to indulge in eating some.”

” You really need to start eating your vegetable and eating lean and clean. You also need to start working out, not just running. I lost the weight, but I still have a jelly belly and arms. I also need protein.”
Thank you all for sharing with me. After reading this, what if anything has changed about your relationship with your body?