Friendship Detox

Friendship Detox

I’m sure most of you have heard of detoxifying. It’s good for the body and soul. It brings on mental clarity and helps eliminates toxins from your body. Well! a friendship detox works exactly the same, but instead It rids toxic people from your life.

I’m sure most of you have “that one” friend or knows someone who has “that one” friend that’s more like a foe. You know that friend, that always rains on your parade, that I know whats best for you friend. You look a little fat today friend, or the worst of them all, the judgmental friend.

How do you value your friendships? If you find yourself venting about how a friend makes you feel bad or less than, then that’s not a true friendship.

True friendship is being able to share your best and worst secrets without your friend always trying to fix you. A true friend will allow you to be you but will pull you aside when your being self-destructive, and help you figure things through.
If you have friends like this in your life, embrace the relationship. If not you need to start a friendship detox.

How to start a friendship detox.
1. Limit your time.
2. keep phone conversation to a minimum.
3. Find a new circle of friends.
4. Write them a letter (yes write not a text letter)
5. Skip the above steps & end the friendship on the spot.

Live life with no regrets…