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Just a heads up…this post is just going to be a moan. I love a good moan though, I’m British after all. If it’s not the weather it’s the economy, or that a scallywag has pinched the last scone, and that I was so miffed that my bowler hat fell off. That’s happened to you too, right?


I’ve noticed that over the last couple of weeks that at least twice per week I seem to Tweet about something that has irritated me in the gym. I’m all about efficiency, so rather than keeping the twice-weekly ritual going, I thought I’d put together the ULTIMATE list of things that annoy us in the gym.

Please add your comments to this post so that I can keep extending this list. I want to make it a one-stop shop for people to rant!

So, in no particular order of annoyance…

1. People curling…

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