6 Simple Ways To A Healtheir Life-Style

6 Simple Ways To A Healtheir Life-Style

Before starting any new journey, start with embracing who you are. Love you for you, not for what others think you should be. You are special and beautiful just as you are. Wanting to make changes doesn’t mean you don’t love yourself, it means you’re taking charge of your health and wellness.

1. Declare who you are and what you want This is a very important step in getting healthy. Embrace who you are. There’s only one you. Find the things you love about yourself and embrace those things, then find the things you don’t like so much and work on changing those things. This requires you to change your mindset. Once you’ve decided that your really ready to having a healthier life style, start using words like “I can and I will be healthy“. Don’t self sabotage your journey before you start by saying things like “i don’t think I can” or “this is way to difficult”. You can do it if you take yourself out of your normal way of thinking and surround yourself around like-minded people. Let your friends and family know your seeking a healthier life style and their support is needed.

2.Keep it real Setting realistic goals are key to being successful. Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting goals that are not attainable. Unrealistic goals like, loosing 20 lbs in a month, or trying to completely cut foods out your diet that you’ve been eating your whole life. Take it slow. For example, if drinking soda is something you want to remove from your diet, start with noting how many sodas you drink in a day or a week and reduce that in half.

3. Eat this not that Making healthy choices will help you see steady results in no time. You can start by swapping food choices in your diet. I know bread can be a hard swap for a lot of people, ( i was one of them) look into multigrain breads instead of white breads, or if ice cream is your thing try switching to a yogurt or a soy ice cream. There is also a book out there called” Eat this, not that”, (Zinczenko & Goulding) which can be very helpful in your journey. You can also find tons of healthy apps online that will help keep track of what your eating.

4. The couch is no longer your friend You have to move if you want to loose. You don’t need a gym to get moving. Start with baby steps if your new to working out. Invest in home workout videos, a jump rope, or small hand weights. If these things are not in your budget, you can incorporate a few simple exercises into your day, walking, sit ups jumping-jack,- planks push up, etc. It doesn’t matter what you start doing, just start.

5. Be true to yourself Being consistent is key to your success. Pre-plan your weekly agenda, grocery list and meals. Having a planned agenda takes the guess-work out of your day. Keep your grocery list consistent to your new healthy eating habits. If you don’t have self-control around food (just yet), bringing home your trigger foods is not the best choice. This can be a bit of a struggle at first, but it will get easier, if you stick to the above list.

6.Seek support If this all seem a bit overwhelming for you to commit to on your own, seek a health coach. A Health coach is your #1 cheerleader. We are here to meet you where you are in your journey. Educating you on the most effective ways to sustain a healthy life style, while embracing you for who you are. Health coaching is not just about what your eating,but what drives you to what you’re eating, such things like, stress, work, family life, illnesses, etc. Contact me at factsoflyfe2.gmail.com for your complimentary phone coaching session.



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